Oregon Soap Company – Liquid Castile Soap, Concentrated Castile Liquid Soap for All Cleaning Needs, Gentle & Mild Castile Soap on Any Skin Type, Citrus Sunshine, 32 Oz

Invigorating Scent – Enjoy a refreshing scent as you open up a bottle of our natural liquid soap. This castile soap concentrate gently cleanses with an exciting burst of zesty freshness that awakens your senses with every wash!
A Little Goes a Long Way – You can dilute a small amount of our castile soap to maximize its use. Simply mix this castile soap liquid with water when using it for bathing, washing dishes, household cleaning, and more!
Mild Soap for Thorough Cleaning – Our pure castile liquid soap gently cleanses without drying out and damaging your skin. Harnessing the cleansing powers of coconut, olive, and sunflower oils, our castile soap leaves your skin fresh and moisturized.