Smiley Honey, Blackberry Honey, Raw and Unfiltered, Honey From Oregon, Always Fresh, Always Flavorful (1lb, Blackberry Honey) Price: $14.99 (as of 21/08/2023 08:38 PST- Details)

Pure and Natural: Our Florida honey is sourced from local beekeepers who maintain their hives in pristine environments, ensuring that each jar of honey is pure and natural, free from additives or artificial flavors.
Rich in Flavor: Experience the unique taste of Florida’s diverse flora with our honey. The bees collect nectar from a variety of flowering plants, resulting in a rich and distinct flavor profile that captures the essence of the Sunshine State.
Health Benefits: Packed with essential nutrients, Florida honey is not only delicious but also offers numerous health benefits. It can support your immune system, soothe a sore throat, and provide natural energy, making it a wholesome addition to your diet.